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Current Campaigns


The U-CAN project’s task is to save lives. We believe that U-CAN can become an important component in the fight against cancer on a global scale.

Cracking the Runic Code

Runic discovery is now entering a critical phase. Are you ready to get involved?

Resistance to Antibiotics

Resistance to antibiotics is an enormous worldwide problem. Unless we act now.

New cancer treatment

Professor Magnus Essand at Uppsala University is developing a new treatment against neuroendocrine tumours. Contribute to the Oncolytic Virus Fund!

The President's Club

Contribute to research and education at Uppsala University, the oldest university in the Nordic countries. Join The President’s Club!

Scholarship Foundation

Grants for tuition fees can provide the spark of success for an American student in Sweden. Any sum will make a difference.

How will the donations be used?

With sufficient funding for a given campaign, we will proceed as planned.

If we do not get sufficient funding, donations received per December 31 will be made available for research in the relevant field. Similarly, if we receive more donations than needed, excess funds will be made available for research in the relevant field.

To find out more about how you can help us improve our world, contact American Friends of Uppsala University.