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The global community faces many challenges – in environment and sustainable development, life and health, society and culture, security and peace, technological advances and innovation. With our challenge-driven research and perspectives on society, we can contribute to solutions. If you would like to support Uppsala University, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to help us make a difference!

Some of our challenges

An ageing population, cancer, diabetes, antibiotic resistance and mental ill health – these are some of the major challenges in public health. Research at Uppsala University seeks to prevent, relieve, heal and cure disease and to develop new methods of treatment that help people to survive sickness and live their life to the full.

Hands holding a growing plantGlobal survival, biodiversity, a sustainable environment and energy transition are some of our great common challenges. How should we respond to the climate crisis? How can we achieve a fairer distribution of the Earth’s resources? Key issues for research include renewable energy, sustainable use of natural and marine resources, the biological consequences of climate change, sustainable social development and innovations.

colorful picture of fiber, digital developmentDigital developments have fundamentally changed people’s lives. In the future, digital technology will be integrated in virtually all sectors of society, such as health, education, finance and transport – a change that will have a radical impact on our everyday lives. How can we make the most of these developments? And how can we forestall the risks? Can artificial intelligence be good for our health and wellbeing?

crowdEvery challenge for society has economic, political, social and cultural dimensions. Research in the humanities and social sciences leads to knowledge about human behaviour, power relations, communications, lifestyles and norm-setting. This knowledge improves the ability of the open society to cope with complex future issues.

mummie at Museum GustavianumMummies, dinosaurs, books, photographs, pictures, plants and beautiful works of art... Major scientific, artistic and cultural history collections have been cared for in Uppsala since the Middle Ages. Many of the objects are unique and priceless. The collections are a great asset for researchers, students, visitors and other curious users. These cultural treasures give us a chance to explore our past, understand our own times and gaze into the future.

international students at Campus GotlandUppsala University has partnerships with some of the world’s top universities. The flows of students, teachers and researchers between international universities and Uppsala University play a crucial role in spreading knowledge, ideas and skills, not just within the University but in society in general. Uppsala University aspires to attract the best talents, no matter where they come from. This means offering students from every part of the globe the opportunity to study here.

Last modified: 2024-04-19