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Uppsala University – a meeting place for knowledge, culture and critical dialogue.

Quality, knowledge and creativity since 1477

World-class research and first-rate education that benefits society, business and culture globally.

Uppsala University Main Building.

Uppsala University is a highly respected, forward-looking university, ranked among the top 100 in the world. Uppsala University conducts top-quality research and education and promotes development and innovation for a better world.

Uppsala University is characterised by diversity and breadth, with international frontline research across nine faculties and a wealth of educational choices at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. 

Research conducted at Uppsala University helps us understand our society, makes the world a better place and improves lives. Our research offers new perspectives on fundamental scientific questions and contributes to a sustainable environment, human health and the advancement of society.

Uppsala University is well placed to meet the grand challenges facing society today and tomorrow. The breadth of our research puts us in a strong position and opens up opportunities.

Uppsala University is a key collaborative partner for business and society. We strive to facilitate the interplay between entrepreneurship and research and forge links between students and business.

A degree from Uppsala University is highly regarded in the job market. Uppsala University offers a wide range of courses from Bachelor’s to PhD level. A growing range of Master’s programmes spanning traditional subject boundaries attract students from Sweden and across the world.

Alumni from Uppsala University are present all over the world. Alumni chapters and associations offer number of opportunities for connections with Sweden's first university.

Uppsala University collaborates with the best universities in the world. The flows of students, teachers and researchers between Uppsala University and foreign universities play an essential role in promoting knowledge, ideas and expertise, both within the University and in society at large.

Carl Linnaeus is one of the most famous
Uppsala University professors ever.

The University is by far the largest cultural institution in Uppsala. We have unique collections of art and science history, choirs and orchestras that offer rich and varied musical experiences, and an extensive range of museums. The cultural offerings at Uppsala University are an important resource for research and education, and for national and international visitors.

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