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American Friends of Uppsala University is a non-profit corporation that supports research, education and culture at Uppsala University, Sweden. We believe that you can help us achieve our common future. Keep the heritage alive – make the future happen!

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The overall goal of Uppsala University is to gain and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of humankind and for a better world. We seek to open up new areas of knowledge through cross-disciplinary collaboration and help find sustainable solutions to the challenges facing society. Uppsala University is successful in attracting research funding in national and international competition. But to achieve our full potential and attain our ambitious goals, we need additional resources. Your support can make the difference. Additional long-term, independent sources of funding will enable us to develop our University’s autonomy and capacity for renewal and augment our contribution to a better world.

Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt

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Major contribution to Uppsala’s runic research

Ms Myrna G. Smith

Over the course of many years, Swedish-American Myrna G. Smith has supported runic research at Uppsala University.

Recently, Ms Myrna G. Smith pledged a legacy of USD 1.5 million to ensure and advance future runic research at Uppsala University. 

AFUU has had the opportunity to assist in the realisation of this pledged legacy, and is thrilled over the opportunities created for the future of runic research at Uppsala University. 

Meet Myrna G. Smith

A Linnaeus manuscript donated to Uppsala University Library

A manuscript from 1745 bearing the signature of Carl Linnaeus has been donated to Uppsala University Library by Professor Robert A. Stein through the American Friends of Uppsala University, or AFUU.

The manuscript, dated May 17, 1745, is part of a document concerning a real estate purchase, and was previously within a larger set of documents  addressed to the Swedish high court, “Kongl. Maj: ts och Riksens höglofl. Swea Hofrätt.”  It is signed by the then-fifteen members of the university's board, one of them being Carl Linnaeus, who is famous for the hierarchical classification, or taxonomy, of nature in his Systema Natura.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Coco Norén, Uppsala University; AFUU President Professor Anders Malmberg and Library Director Professor Lars Burman in the University Library Book hall during the hand-over ceremony

The donation was made by Professor Robert A Stein, Everett Fraser Professor of Law, Distinguished Global Professor, University of Minnesota Law School, also a member of AFUU’s board of directors, who recently bought the document in the United States in order to donate it to Uppsala University Library via AFUU.

– We are very grateful to have Professor Stein as a friend of Uppsala University and for his continuous support to the university, of which  the donation of the Linnaeus document is the latest example, says Professor Anders Malmberg, President of AFUU.

The document was handed over to Uppsala University and Uppsala University Library on March 17, 2021.

– Generous donors have enriched our library throughout its long history. We are very grateful for this gift, says Library Director Lars Burman.

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Our aim is to contribute to helping Uppsala University maintain its standards of excellence, established over the centuries since its foundation in 1477. We believe that you can help us achieve our common future. US tax payers can donate via American Friends of Uppsala University, AFUU, making donations tax deductible. American Friends of Uppsala University is tax/exempt as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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